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[SND]01_Gateshead Life with Mrs. Reeds family.mp32018-10-16 05:05 12M 
[SND]02_Lowood school The new chapter of my life.mp32018-10-16 05:05 19M 
[SND]03_Lowood school I am a teacher now.mp32018-10-16 05:05 7.2M 
[SND]04_Thornfield Hall The governess.mp32018-10-16 05:05 15M 
[SND]05_Mr. Rochester.mp32018-10-25 13:22 19M 
[SND]06_The fire.mp32018-10-16 05:06 15M 
[SND]07_Visitors.mp32018-10-16 05:06 24M 
[SND]08 _An evening visitor.mp32018-10-16 05:06 17M 
[SND]09_The fortune teller.mp32018-10-16 05:06 17M 
[SND]10_A goodbye.mp32018-10-16 05:06 15M 
[SND]11_At Gateshead again.mp32018-10-16 05:06 14M 
[SND]12_I will marry you.mp32018-10-16 05:06 12M 
[SND]13_The wedding day is coming.mp32018-10-16 05:06 6.1M 
[SND]14_The veil with pearls.mp32018-10-16 05:06 18M 
[SND]15_His story.mp32018-10-16 05:07 11M 
[SND]16_Lonely again.mp32018-10-16 05:07 5.3M 
[SND]17_Leaving Thornfield.mp32018-10-16 05:07 27M 
[SND]18_St Johns offer.mp32018-10-16 05:07 12M 
[SND]19_At Thornfield Hall again.mp32018-10-16 05:07 15M 

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